Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pecan Chocolate Chip Pie

Thursday I posted about one of our Christmas Eve dinner desserts, an apple pie. While this was supposed to be posted on Friday, today you are finally being introduced to the pecan pie that literally made my friend giggle when he ate it. I know it's so lame to say that I'll post something "tomorrow" and then tomorrow turns into days later, but to be honest, I've been exhausted from making Christmas dinner, New Year's meal (Osechi), packing to come to Yokohama, and just the holidays in general that I have just passed out at night. So, sorry!

To be honest, I don't love pecan pie, but that or a pumpkin pie seem like a necessity to me. I really dislike pumpkin pie - I love all the spices and pumpkin flavors, but the consistency grosses me out. Pecan pie, on the other hand, is really just a bit too sweet for me. Crazy, I know.

I found this recipe a few years back and while it's super sweet, I do like a little slice now and then.

It starts out with the same crust as yesterday - 300 grams flour, 200 of butter, 100 of water and a bit of sugar. Let it chill a bit, then roll it out and put it in the pie pan.

Then work on the filling. It is really simple. Melt butter, mix together egg, brown sugar, flour, vanilla, dark corn syrup, and bourbon. I've yet to see dark corn syrup in this country, but I used light corn syrup and it's fine.

Stir in the pecans and chocolate.

Finally pour it into the crust and bake.

When it's all done, it smells and looks delicious. It tastes delicious, too!!

After writing this post, I realized I didn't have much to say about the pie. It is really, really good though and seriously simple to make, so if you have a hankering for a pecan pie, I'd most definitely recommend this one!

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