Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Y's Father's Day Gift

Y is an amazing father and husband. He works like crazy to make sure that I can stay home with K and when he gets home at night, he is always willing to help with anything I might need. Weekends are filled with "boys' days," trips to the park so I can relax, playing with K, carting me around to doctor's appointments or shopping since I don't drive, help with cleaning the house and doing laundry, just about any task I could imagine. He is one of the least lazy fathers I know, which is why for Father's Day, I figured I would make him a gift that would let him relax. I came across this tutorial and knew it was the winner!

I started with a white shirt and put some old chair cushions under the back so that the marker wouldn't bleed onto the front.

Then I pinned the shirt to the cushions to make sure it wouldn't move all around while I was drawing. Using a ruler and fabric markers, I drew out the streets making sure they were wide enough for one of K's cars.

That is when I called K in to help. I asked him to draw something and he wanted to draw a slide in the park. You can kind of see a few yellow lines behind the swingset in the big box in the middle - that's the slide. At that point, he was over drawing and instead decided he would tell me what to draw. We have a tall building for a helicopter to land on right next to the "treasure" - I have no idea what he wanted, but he seemed pleased with what I drew. There is a bank, a taxi stand, a supermarket, a gasoline stand, a pond, a park, a train station, a bus stop, a condominium, a parking lot, a police station, a convenience store, a dentist and a fire station. He did a pretty good job, in my opinion, of determining a city's major landmarks.
On Father's Day morning, Y donned the shirt and K played with cars on his back. Y improvised and made sure there were a few earthquakes - I am telling you, he is not a lazy dad!! Unfortunately, K was over it in a few minutes. He said he just wanted to play with it without Y wearing it. Ah well...
Happy (belated) Father's Day to all the dads out there, but especially my own and my wonderful husband - I am lucky to have such wonderful men in my life. I love you!!

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