Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bento Thursday - Nozomi 700

K has been doing much better with school this week. There have been no tears and only the occasional, "It's okay mama, I don't have to go to school this week." To which I respond, "Yeah you do." Followed up with an, "Okay." Pretty easy.

On Wednesday, K and I talked about his bento and what he wanted. He told me he wanted a Nozomi 700 Shinkansen with faces in the windows. He also looked through a book and saw a mouse sausage he decided he needed. The faces in the nori windows are made of ham. The mouse is made of a cut up sausage, ham for the ears and hand, and a cheese face. K also wanted cucumber and carrots. I threw in some fried chicken for good measure. In the mini bento box, he asked for sembei, but I gave him strawberries instead. I told him this morning and he said, "Wahoo!! Strawberries!!" Seems he was okay with my change.

As per usual, Y's bento is pretty boring - cucumber with furikake, fried chicken, tofu with greens and potatoes with sausages - and half of which was leftover from dinners during the week. Predictably, he also got two salmon onigiri.  
Happy lunching, boys!!

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