Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bento Thursday - Rocket Edition

Today is the last bento day for a while since K will be on summer break from the middle/end of July, and until that point there is either weird scheduling or half-days on Thursdays.

Recently K has been watching "Little Einsteins" and is in love with the characters, as well as the rocket. For today's bento he requested a yellow, not red, rocket with Leo's face on it, as well as the little girl's face. To be honest, these faces look nothing like the kids in the show, but that didn't seem to bother K. What did bother him, however was that they started out with ears. I showed him the finished bento and he didn't look too stoked. Crap. I asked him what was wrong and he hesitated, but finally responded with, "But mama, I asked for circle faces." "Ummmm, so you want me to cut off the ears?" "Yep!" Done and done.

The rocket is an onigiri with egg on top. Just below the bottom of the rocket are broccoli sprigs that I was hoping would resemble rocket smoke - I don't think K picked up on it. I also made some tiny fried chicken bites and finished it off with star-shaped carrots. I was pretty surprised to find that I don't have a small star cookie cutter, so I had to free-hand it; some ended up cuter than others.

The rocket looked a lot more like a rocket before I added the star carrots. The faces were made of ham and the hair of cucumber. K also requested apples in the mini bento. Once the kids were void of their ears, he seemed pretty stoked on the whole thing. Wahoo!!

As per usual, Y got a bento as well and as per usual, it was BORING (but he called and said it was delicious, so I guess that is what counts). Y had rice topped with salmon furikake, fried chicken (normal sized - not the bite-sized ones like K), broccoli, Japanese-style omelet, and a carrot, cranberry and ginger salad. 

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