Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bento Thursday - Dr. Yellow...Again

Last week I had no "Bento Thursday" post because K had a half day. In the morning the parents were invited to see the class and how things were run, then the kids came home with us just before lunch time. It was so stinking adorable! All the kids in K's class are so teeny tiny (only a handful of them are 3, most are just 2) and so sweet in their little uniforms. I was so proud of K - he sang all the songs, did all the hand motions, listened to the teachers and followed directions (copied the others, perhaps??). Regardless, he was much more involved than I had imagined. At the end of the day, the teacher calls out each kid's name and puts their going-home-hat on them. When she called out K's name he responded with a super loud "HAI!!!" It was so cute and the teacher told him that he had a great response. Ahhhh, mama pride!

Anyway, today we are back to bentos! K, once again, requested Dr. Yellow, the Shinkansen. We have (possibly?) come to the agreement that we can do Shinkansen-themed bentos every other week. The other week gets to be something else. I just don't think I can handle Shinkansen bentos every time. As before, Dr. Yellow is an onigiri (rice) in the form of the Shinkansen, covered in egg and nori. The bento also had sausages, brocolli, heart-shaped carrots and corn. For dessert, he requested apples.

Y told me on Monday that he would probably take a day off this week. He chose today, which meant we had the whole day together - just the two of us! We ended up doing nothing. We just lazed about after K was off on the bus, then ate lunch, went to the grocery store and I got ready for dinner while Y read the newspaper. It was a crummy, rainy day - I blame the rain for us doing absolutely nothing! Since I didn't make him a bento today, I put some leftovers in his bento box for tomorrow - cream pasta with roasted chicken, corn, and komatsuna (kind of like spinach) with tofu. Since it's already in the bento, I can sleep in tomorrow morning. Wahoo!!!

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