Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Maternity T-Shirt - Take 2

A while back, I posted about a maternity T-shirt that I made since I was getting a bit bored of my current clothes. The excitement with that shirt has run it's course and I was ready for a new one. I am just over 33 weeks now and everything is looking good (medically, anyway). I haven't been gaining much weight recently, but my stomach is getting huge! The doctor was quite surprised when I went in for my appointment this week given that I technically lost weight, but my stomach grew by 5 centimeters. Eeeks! The baby doesn't seem all that huge either, so he was at a bit of a loss trying to come up with a reason for my massive growth.

Anyway, I started with some grey jersey fabric that I realized didn't have much stretch to it. So when I was cutting the pattern, I added about a centimeter or two to the outside of the shirt so it would actually fit me when I put it on. I also added a bit of length since I realized I didn't love where the original shirt hit me in back.

Same as the last shirt, this was really fast to cut out and put together. I think that it took less than 2 hours in total. The first step was to ruche the waistline of the front. Once that was ready, just sew it to the back using a ton of pins to keep the ruching where you want it. Then just sew up the shoulders and add the sleeves.

Once the shirt was made, I decided to switch things up a bit and added bias tape to the neckline instead of just folding it under and sewing. A grey T-shirt just by itself seemed it needed a bit of sprucing up to me. I folded the sleeves and bottom hems under and sewed as usual.

Since I was already on the sprucing up kick, I cut out a little pocket and hand-sewed it on for a little extra fun. I made it a real pocket, but now that I think about it, I don't know why I did that. It looks the same as if I had just made it a faux pocket and I am certainly not going to stick anything in there. At least it is fun for K to poke at and pop pebbles into.

Just a few weeks left and we will get to meet the little one - I am so excited!!

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