Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doggie Bookmark

About a month ago, I made a bunny and strawberry bookmark for one of my English students. While I thought the combination of a bunny and strawberry was an odd request, it was pointed out to me by one of my Japanese friends that both are cute, girly symbols and so this should make complete sense. I'll go with it - it did turn out quite cute. One of the other girls I teach saw the bookmark and decided she wanted one.

Me: You want a bookmark, too? Do you want the same one?
Student: Yeah, I want one too, but I want mine to have a dog on it instead...any breed is fine.

Uhhh, you better believe any breed will be fine! At some point, these girls have to come to the realization that I am not a magician.

Anyway, I got started. She gave me more details of what she wanted - light blue for the front and her initials in it as well. As I had done to find a cute bunny, I Googled dog clip art and found a fairly simple, cute little doggie face. I sketched it on some felt and cut it all out. Once the dog face was assembled, I cut out the actual bookmark fabrics - it would have been awful had I cut them before hand making them too small! I also wrote in her initials with disappearing ink.

Then I sewed the dog face on and embroidered her initials in. I also put a tiny pink heart between the 'M' and the 'K', but you can hardly tell.

Finally I stitched the front to the back piece of felt to give it a nice, clean back.

I am not a huge animal lover, but I think this one turned out quite cute as well. I hope she likes it!!

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