Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WubbaNub Pacifier Clip and a Regular Version to Boot!

When K was a baby, he never used a pacifier. T, on the other hand, loves his. A friend gave us a little lamb WubbaNub that T loves when he's playing or just starting to get fussy. To put him to sleep, however, he likes a standard pacifier. This means that when we leave the house for the day, as we did on Monday, we need a whole assortment of pacifiers - we have a few regular ones, but only one Wubbanub and that thing is like gold. On Monday we finally applied for the boys' American passports. We left the house at 8 and didn't get finished at the consulate until 12. It was a long morning and T held it together pretty well. We were all hungry, so we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants that we hadn't been to since I was pregnant with K. It's a lovely Portuguese restaurant, but it isn't really a place for kids. It was lunch time, however, and K is surprisingly well-behaved at restaurants, so we decided to just do it. Just after the entrees were served, T started to get a bit fussy. We gave him Lambie (the WubbaNub), but soon it fell from his mouth to the floor. Game over.

Something had to be done. Since there isn't a little handle on the Wubbanub like a regular pacifier, I was a bit stumped as to how to make a clip for it. I thought about weaving a ribbon through the two holes on the pacifier, but a little ribbon seemed like it might not be too safe. Then it came to me! I could just use elastic to wrap around Lambie's head, kind of like a leash.

Start by cutting 23cm of twill tape and zigzagging back and forth on the cut ends.

Fold one end in half and zigzag it together.

Measuring 7cm down, sew a straight line just to help keep the tape folded. I imagine you could make the strap with ribbon as well, but if you use twill, I recommend also using denim needles - it gets pretty thick.

Fold the zigzagged end to the line you just sewed and sew the little loop together.

Snap the clip on. As a note, I wanted to use suspender clips, but I couldn't find them. I did, however, find clips to hold a little pouch that I figured would work just fine. If you are lucky enough to use suspender clips, I imagine you wouldn't have to fold the twill in half, instead just make a small loop and sew it up.

Now for the other end. Cut a small length of thin elastic (just enough to fit over the pacifier and WubbaNub's head - mine was about 9cm), fold it in half and sew the ends to the twill tape. I sewed two parallel lines just to be sure they were secure.

Using a rectangle of coordinating fabric, iron the edges into the middle and one of the ends in a bit as well.

Wrap the rectangle around the end once or twice, and sew a square around the edges to secure it. Slip it over the WubbaNub's head and rest assured that your little animal isn't going anywhere!

The regular pacifier clip is even easier, but you will need more twill tape - I used 32cm. The end with the clip is the same as the WubbaNub version. Instead of using elastic on the opposite end, however, cut a small square of Velcro and sew one of the pieces to the end of the twill, near the zigzag.

Measure about 3cm down and sew on the other piece of Velcro. Slip it through the loop on the pacifier and Bob's your uncle!

T had his clip on Lambie the entire day today. If I took it off, he got pretty upset. He loved being able to find Lambie easily, even after dropping it while in his Bumbo chair or jumper.

T tends to jump pretty wildly and little by little the twill would start to pop out.

Eventually Lambie would fall, but T would just give the twill a yank and Lambie was right back in his hands in no time. A mama who doesn't have to stop making dinner, wash up her hands, go to the playroom, pick up Lambie, and give it to her baby is a happy mama. A baby who can get his Lambie on his own is a happy baby. Problem solved.

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