Wednesday, January 29, 2014

LeSporstsac Rip-Off #3

This is a post that has been sitting in my draft box for literally months. In fact, you may notice that my nails are the same as in my Halloween posts!! I am still in love with this little pouch, which is why I keep making it for friends (as well as a second one for me that I'll post about in a few days). During the summer, I made a shopping bag for a good friend of mine. This little pouch was to go to the same friend. While I didn't want the fabric to be the exact same, I did want them to match or at least look cool together. I found a fabric by the same designer that was in the same colors as the bag fabric, but instead of flowers it had little birds on it - perfect! Once I decided the outside fabric I took ages wandering around the shop looking for a lining. I ended up with a blue patterned fabric that I really liked. First things first, I cut out all of my pieces. (If anyone is interested in making their own pouch, leave a comment and I can post the measurements that I use for mine.)

The next step is to sew on the pockets, prepare the zipper and sew the inside and outside pieces together.

Next sew the zipper to the bag. I am always careful to mark the middle of the long end of the zipper piece and the middle of the bag and then pin starting from the middle and working my way out.

Sew one side of the zipper on and then open the zipper before sewing the other side on, otherwise you won't be able to open the bag and you'll probably cry.

Next baste the wrist strap between the main bag fabric and the short end of the zipper piece.

Next sew on your side pieces.

Then cut around the bottom edge so it is flush with the bag.

Flip the bag right-side out so you can make sure the stiches are all on the inside and the corners look nice.

The final step - my most hated step - is to sew on the bias tape. I love how it looks, but bias tape tends to stress me out. Just like that, your bag is ready for your keys, phone, wallet and a few band-aids (in case you have a rambunctious little boy to be chasing after). I hope you get as much use out of your pouch as I have out of mine, B!!

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