Friday, January 17, 2014

Curry Rolls (Curry Pan)

In Japan, curry rolls (curry pan) are a standard. Oddly enough, however, after nine years living here, I still had never tasted one - to be honest, they just didn't sound too appetizing to me. For my birthday, Y gave me a juicer and I love it. But, as you probably know, when you juice fruits and veggies, all of the fiber is taken out and it ends up coming out the side of the juicer. It always seems so wasteful to just throw it away, so I looked online and many people put it in soups or curry. The more I thought about this, the better of an idea it sounded. So much so, that even curry pan started to sound good to me.

I started by getting a simple dough started in my bread maker. Then I got working on the curry. I took some of the apple and carrot juice leftovers, and also chopped up some more carrots, onions and potatoes.

I cooked those up in a tad bit of oil and then added water to cook them a bit more.

Then I added the curry roux and boiled it down so that there was hardly and liquid left.

Once the bread was ready, I divided it up, put some curry in, rolled it closed and then heated up the oil for frying - did I mention curry pan is almost always fried? Maybe that's why it didn't sound good to me - like a curry doughnut of sorts. Yikes. I fried them all up, the whole time being about 15% grossed out.

Once they cooled down a bit, however, I bit into one and kind of kicked myself for not trying one earlier. Turns out curry pan is pretty tasty. That being said, I should probably be a tad bit careful in terms of how much curry-stuffed fried bread I shove down my throat. Either way, I am a convert. Curry pan wins!!

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