Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Business Card Holder - Take 2

This project is really quite old at this point, but things on the blog got busy from the beginning of October because of Halloween. My little brother's girlfriend started a new job a few months back and since this was to be her first job after graduation, I thought she could use a little business card holder so she could look all official and stuff. She always has such beautiful style, so I wanted to make the card holder pretty. I picked out a satin with big, delicate flowers on it, as well as a purple satin for the strap and lining. Then I went to look at my button stash. (I had just bought a new bag of mixed buttons at the fabric shop.)

There were so many pretty ones to choose from. The ones below were some of my favorites. 

I made the card holder the same way I did one ages ago, but instead of a hairband to hold it shut, I made a little strap. 

I love how it turned out. I think it is so feminine and pretty, just like my brother's girlfriend. 

I tested it on one of Y's business cards, but it was a shade too small. I totally panicked and then tried it on my other brother's wife's card and it fit perfectly. Who knew business cards come in all different sizes!?

Good luck with your job, B!! We love you over here and think about you a lot!

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