Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stuffed Bunny

Ages ago, I made a little doll for K so that he could practice being a big brother. He played with it for like two days and then it went to the stuffed animal basket rarely to be seen again. The good news is that he is an awesome big brother anyway! One of my English students asked if she got 500 points, could I make her a doll like K's. That's a lot of points, so I decided it was a fair trade. When she got to about 450 points, I asked her what she wanted the doll to look like. It was like opening Pandora's box. It turned out that she actually wanted the "same doll, but instead of a person, it should be a bunny. And I want it wearing a skirt and holding a vegetable." "Uhh, okay. What vegetable?" "It doesn't matter. Anything is fine." And so I got started.
First up was the face. I used my machine to do the eyes and nose and then embroidered the whiskers and smile. 

Then the ears. I didn't know how big to make them; they ended up being about the same size as the arms.

Then I had to make the actual arms (and legs). I started with the arms just like K's dolls, meaning they had opposable thumbs. But really, that was a pain to do and bunnies don't need them, so I ended up making them rounded instead. Much easier.

Once all of the parts were ready, I started the assembly. First I basted the ears to the front of the face.

Then the head to the body. The shirt arms to the actual arms was next, followed by making the arms and legs and stuffing them.

Then I sewed it all up and it looked like this. Pretty cute!

But she was missing a tail. I used my little pompom maker to whip one up.

Then I sewed it to her little bum.

Next was the skirt. I started with a long rectangle. Then I zig zagged all edges, folded both of the short ends and one of the long ends in, and sewed them down.

Then I sewed the two short ends together leaving a little open space for her tail to stick out. I folded over the top edge to make a casing, threaded some elastic through and sewed it up.

I love how it looks with her little tail sticking out.

She was almost ready, but still missing her vegetable.

You know, just chillin' on the chair, waiting for me to finish up her veggie.

Naturally, I picked a carrot. The orange bit is stuffed, but I thought it would be a huge hassle to stuff the leaves, so instead I sewed some lines onto a piece of green fabric and cut around it.

I finished it up with a little ring of elastic so that it could be taken off her hand.

I just hand sewed the elastic on to the back.

And it was done! Here she is from the back.

And here she is with her lovely little friend! The little girl (and her sister, mom and grandma) was very pleased with her new bunny. Mission accomplished.

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