Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bento Thursday - Dinosaur!!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, K is having a difficult time with kindergarten. While he actually loves kindergarten, his teachers and friends, he hates leaving me. Ugh. It's so hard - for both of us. I hate to see him cry and he hates getting on the bus. Anyway, he went again today. He cried. A lot. The silver lining was that it's bento day today!

He requested a dinosaur bento. He wanted a dinosaur ham and cheese sandwich, eggs, broccoli, carrots and cucumbers. All of my dinosaur cookie cutters were too big to fit into his bento box, so T-Rex's tail got snipped a bit. I thought it would be cute to make the eggs into a sun and the broccoli to look like trees. Using a straw, I cut some cooked carrots and strategically put them in the leaves to look like fruit. It was cuter in my mind, but K seemed to like it regardless. The cucumber was just cut into rounds and the carrots into hearts. Although I usually do fruit for dessert, today K got a cookie.

While I didn't go into specifics yesterday, K's been vomitting on the bus. I think it's probably from a combination of both crying and stress. Regardless, I feel awful that the teacher is cleaning up his vomit. Gross. Once he gets to school, someone puts K in the shower, cleans him up, and washes his uniform (and often shoes). To me, this seems all above and beyond what is expected from a teacher.

This morning, I tried to give the cookies to the teacher who rode the bus, but she wouldn't accept them. She and the bus driver said that this was all just part of their job. I still felt awful though. So this morning, right around lunch time, Y (who had the day off, hence no bento) and I took the cookies to the school. When we were there I saw one of K's teachers who said that he was all excited about his dinosaur bento and showed it to her. I guess making all these crazy bentos is worth it if it makes him so happy. He's off to school again tomorrow. Fingers crossed his breakfast stays in his little tummy.

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