Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bento Thursday - Rockets & Stars

K had school today and as it is Thursday, it was also bento day. He decided yesterday that he wanted a rocket ham and cheese sandwich, carrots, cucumbers and apples. I wanted to cut the veggies into stars, but there was no way I was going to do that by hand again. So, we headed to the 100 yen store and found a small star cookie cutter. Perfect!

T woke up at 4 this morning, which was awesome. Y and I tried and tried to get him to go back to sleep, but it was a lost cause. At 5:50 I admitted defeat and took him to the living room while I got to work on the bento. Since I had so much extra time after making the rocket sandwich and the star carrots and cucumbers, I figured I would cut the apples into stars as well. I have a feeling this cookie cutter is going to get a lot of use - look at those stars!! So cute! Out of the other two rocket bentos, this one is my favorite.

Although T was up at 4, which means I have been up since 4, and K was at school I was really hoping for a nap, but alas I had to head to the unemployment office. I am due some unemployment insurance, but I have to go there twice a month for four months. Aye yai! This also means that Y has to take the morning off of work to watch T (and sometimes K) while I go to meetings. He has to be at his office by 1 or it is counted as a vacation day. My meeting ended at 11:30, which gave Y enough time to meet me, walk to the station together, hop on the train, eat his bento and head into the office. It was a busy, busy day and I am beat (and a tad under the weather to boot!). Anyway, Y's bento consisted of rice, teriyaki yellowtail, carrots with sesame (I snuck in a few of the extra stars from K's bento), beef and nagaimo (some kind of potato), spinach with ponzu, and cucumbers with furikake. 

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