Friday, November 8, 2013

Pecan Chocolate Chip Pie (Again)

Fall is here and I love it! For the past few weeks, the mornings and evenings have gotten crisper, but the afternoons are still sunny and warm. The leaves are starting to change to their beautiful yellows, oranges and reds. Football is in full swing and delicious desserts await us. Ahhhh, it's is the best.

A few weeks ago, I was having a friend over and asked Y what he would like me to make. He requested a cheesecake. I thought and thought about what to make and decided on a chestnut and caramel cheesecake, it screamed autumn to me and in my mind it sounded delicious. I headed to the grocery store and they were out of cream cheese (?!?). I called Y and asked if there was anything else he might like and he requested pecan pie. To be honest, I don't love pecan pie. Neither pecan pie nor pumpkin pie really do it for me, but I left the option open, so I figured I should go with it. I used a recipe I have done on the blog before, but for me it really is the best pecan pie. Why reinvent the wheel on this one?

I used a standard 3-2-1 pie crust of about 210g of flour (plus a bit of sugar), 140g of butter and maximum 70g of water, although usually it is much less than that.

Once the crust was ready and chilling in the fridge, I got to work on the good stuff following the pecan pie recipe I've deemed acceptable. It is super simple, whisk together all of the ingredients except for the pecans and chocolate chips...

Until it looks like this.

Then add in the pecans and chocolate chips and whisk or really stir them together...

Until it looks like this.

Then put the pie crust into a pie pan and pour the filling in. Bake and you are done.

You could slice and eat it just like that, but I do recommend the whipped cream that is included in the recipe. Nothing is nicer than a slice of warm pie with whipped cream on a chilly autumn evening.

Bring it on, fall! I cannot wait to do some more baking - once I recover from the Halloween madness (and my cold).

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