Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papi

Earlier this week my dad turn 70!! Yikes, that sounds quite old - it hardly seems true. When we were visiting, my dad seemed as busy and active as ever. He still works full time, volunteers, sits on countless boards, basically runs a radio station, is a prominent leader in the Latino community and still found the time to play trains on the floor with K, and take him to the park, to feed the ducks, and to the train museum. What a great man, dad and grandpa!!

As it was his birthday, a present was certainly in order. While we were there, my dad got a new digital camera. It's small and thin, the perfect size for getting crushed at the bottom of a bag.

Hopefully this little case keeps it nice and safe.

I used this pattern and I would totally recommend it to any of you needing a camera case. It comes in a few sizes and was easy to put together. The most challenging bit was connecting the lining to the exterior. The bag is so tiny that the opening couldn't fit around the base of my sewing machine. It got done, however, so it's not that big of an issue.

I just sent the case off to my dad yesterday, so if you see him in the next week or so, mum's the word!!

Happy birthday, Papi!!

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