Thursday, April 26, 2012

Party Prep 4 - Marshmallow Pops

T - 2 days until the Thomas party. We're getting down to the wire here, people. So far for party desserts we have just the two types of cookies - sugar and oatmeal. I thought one more small thing would be nice, so I made some white chocolate covered marshmallows.

A while back, I wanted to do cake pops but had neither the lollipop sticks nor a stand to put them in while they were drying. While in the US, I bought some sticks so that problem was solved. I bought some green flower foam from the ¥100 shop and things were ready to go.

The marshmallows I bought were about half the height of a standard American marshmallow and slightly rounded at the top. I thought the shape was quite cute.

As for the chocolate, when in the US I debated buying candy melts to get a nice, even color for the chocolate coating, but decided against it (they are heavy and I knew I was nearing my weight limit and I thought I could just dye the chocolate myself). If given the option, I'd definitely recommend buying the candy melts and using those. I was able to dye the chocolate using gel colorings, but I couldn't get the color to mix in perfectly - it looked speckled. Additionally, I ran out of the red chocolate but still had marshmallows left. I dyed a second batch of melted chocolate, but I added more dye than the first time, so the colors were slightly off.

That being said, these were a breeze to do. I think I finished about 60 of them in 20 minutes.

First stick your marshmallows on the sticks. I put my finger on the top of the marshmallow where the stick would meet it so that I didn't poke through the marshmallow. Then melt your chocolate/candy melts (I think these would be delicious with dark or milk chocolate too, but color was key here). I did this in the microwave using 20-30 second intervals and stirring after each one. I used 3 bars of white chocolate and I think it took about 1.5 minutes to get it almost all the way melted. Add dye if necessary and stir to make sure there are no clumps. Then swirl a marshmallow in the chocolate and stick it in the foam. I made holes in the foam first, but I found they were a bit wobbly which scared me. The second time around I didn't do this and they were much more stable. Then just let them sit to harden. Done. Seriously, this is dead easy and quite tasty.

And they look adorable. I think I'll put them in glasses to look kind of like flowers for the party.

Next up is the cake. Fingers crossed I can pull this one off.

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