Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Belt it Out

K is a skinny little guy. For his age he is a bit on the taller side, but under 25 pounds. Over the past few weeks he has shot up, thus making all of his pants comically short. We bought some pants the next size up, but they are really big in the waist. Like fall-to-the-floor-while-walking big. A belt was in order.

I figured GAP would have belts for toddlers, but no such luck. I tried a few other shops, but still nothing. So I went to the fabric store and picked up some supplies.

I finished the ends of the cord (what is that type of ribbon-y cord thing called?!?), slipped a set of D-rings on and sewed up the end. Voila! A belt is made.

I think this was the least time-consuming, yet useful thing I've ever made. They had heaps of cute ribbon/cord stuff at the shop, I'm thinking I might go back at some point and make one for myself.

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