Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Party Prep 3 - The Evolution of a Piñata

My dad is Mexican. Along with my love for enchiladas, a big part of my Mexican-ness is definitely the necessity for a piñata at any birthday party. Birthdays equal piñatas. In Japan, however, no one knows what piñatas are. That didn't stop me for K's 1st birthday, nor will it stop me for his 2nd.

(This was last year's piñata - a "1". I obviously took the photo backwards, I have no idea why.)

Because we live in a condo, last year we did the piñata at the park. It was hilarious. Kids saw what we were doing and full of confusion, started gathering around. It took a bit of encouragement, but eventually everyone that was there took a few chances to whack the "1". When the candy fell out, it was a rather polite scene. Each kid took a little bag of candy and left the extras on the ground. I had to beg people to take two bags of sweets. It was hardly the full-on mad scramble for candy of my youth, but baby steps here.

Because of the Thomas theme, this year I made a (drum roll, please) Thomas piñata.

He started off as a bunch of cardboard, a half of a plastic egg and a plastic cup.

He then got a few layers of paper mache.

Then the cut up crepe and tissue paper.

And finally a face. Ta dah!!

His face is a bit large, but close enough in my book.

Fingers crossed K doesn't spaz out when I make him hit his favorite train!!

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