Sunday, January 22, 2012

Too Many Layers

It had been ages since all of my foreign (as in Canadian, British and Australian) girlfriends and I had gotten together. Ages ago, before kids were in the picture, we used to get together about once a month. The first baby was born, then K was born and our gatherings became less and less frequent. The Canadian decided to host a girlie lunch at her house, so I decided that a special cake was in order.

Enter my seven layer (3 horizontal, 4 vertical) cake.

I had originally wanted only vertical layers, but the chocolate cake didn't rise as much as I was hoping. It would have been a short, little cake. Special occasions call for tall cakes. I decided to slice a vanilla cake in half and sandwich the vertical layers between to give it a bit more height. It ended up being quite tall.

Making it was quite the process. I started by making two vanilla cakes and immediately putting them in the freezer. Then I made two chocolate cakes, but they were both so thin that I chopped off the tops, put the cut sides together and put them in the freezer to fuse them together.

Once frozen I had to cut concentric circles out of both cakes and then layer them. I then wrapped parchment paper around the outside and back to the freezer.

The cake was delicious, but I'm not sure how many times I'll do it. While totally fun to make, it was a fair amount of work. I imagine it will be a special-occasion-only type of thing.

But seriously, yum.

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  1. The Canadian concurs, it was seriously yum! Thanks Sugar Fairy!

  2. I'm glad you liked it!! Thanks again for hosting - It was such a fun afternoon.
    Also I think this means that we've just Christened you "The Canadian" on this blog. Hehe.