Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art Folder

Just last week or so, we booked tickets for K and I to head to the US. I am so excited that we are going, but not as excited about the flights. It's always a bit rough, but lucky for me K is very good about it all. I, as well as my fellow passengers, could have it much worse.

I've learned a lot from our past two flights home. One of the main things is that snacks and new toys must be readily available. Recently K has really gotten into stickers and "drawing." I decided to make him a compact little art kit to keep him entertained on the flight.

I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out. I think K will like the colors and patterns. He even picked out the red train ribbon.

The inside has a pocket for pencils, behind that is a pocket for stickers and on the right is a pocket to slip a pad if paper into.

I found a tutorial for this here. I followed it quite closely, but added the ribbon. While the example on the website has the three fabrics on the front cover, she didn't give the measurements for that, so it took a bit of figuring. Other than that, the tutorial is super clear and easy! It took me a nap time to do all the cutting and about an hour and a half after K was in bed to sew it all. Done in a day!!

Hopefully he likes it and it keeps him busy for a few hours.

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  1. I'm sure little K has your inquisitive brain and it will be a hit.
    Safe travels to the states :-)

  2. What a lovely comment. Thanks, Cameesha!!