Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello Baby

One of my friends across the street is about to give birth to her third little boy - as in she might be in the hospital right now. The due date is actually Monday, but it seems that things are moving right along and she thinks that the little guy is set to make his appearance before the weekend is over. Only time will tell!!

The two older brothers are about 5 and 9 and love soccer. They are super sweet kids and seem really stoked about the new baby. I think I have a particular affinity towards the family as the mom and older brother speak English quite well. They lived in Vietnam for a few years and it seems that English was their main language for communication with the locals, as well as other foreigners.

Anyway, since soccer seems to run in this family's blood, I figured I'd get the little guy started off right with his own pair of 'Adidas' cleats!

They are teeny tiny!! It was crazy to me to think that K's feet were that small less than two years ago. His shoes look like they belong to a giant compared to the mini cleats! (I should have taken a photo.) While making them, I had an old pair of K's socks and they are roughly the same size - I'm hoping they fit though; they are so itty bitty!!

The mom says such lovely things about (photos of) my sweets, so I decided to whip up a batch of cookies for the rest of the fam. I made my first ever batch of Monster Cookies.

Turns out they're quite delicious. They're basically peanut butter, oats, m&ms, chocolate and raisins. What part is not going to be delicious?!?

I used Paula Deen's recipe - I know, I know, I've read heaps about the diabetes scandal and Anthony Bourdain is one of my heroes, but there's really no denying that this cookie doesn't at least sound like it's worth making. It totally is.

It was super quick and easy to make - all ingredients were chopped (bootleg chocolate chips were a must for this recipe), measured and mixed and the cookies were baked within a nap time. But, I must warn you to use the BIGGEST bowl you own. I nearly ran out of space!!

The recipe says it makes three dozen tablespoon sized cookies. I much prefer smaller cookies, so I used a half tablespoon as my scooper and got almost 9 dozen! Yikes!!

Luckily I taught English today so I sent the girls home with cookies as well. Tomorrow we are having some friends come over while I go out boozing (more on that next week). So I'm pretty confident that most of these cookies won't make their way to my mouth - thank God. Have I mentioned that along with the goal to make and bake at least once a week is also a goal of not gaining weight?? Ha! Wish me luck!!

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