Monday, January 23, 2012

Edamame Cheese Bread

This week Y will be taking Edamame Cheese Bread to work. This time the recipe made 8, which means 3 are for me - wahooo!!

I've made this bread before and we both really liked it. K still won't touch it, but I guess that means that the leftovers are all mine.

Notice the lovely oven mitt in the background? Yeah, that's right, it's Romeo and Juliet that you see. Shakespeare himself even makes an appearance. I'm bringin' the posh this time around. The mitt was a lovely gift from one of the girls at yesterday's lunch. Thanks, B!!

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  1. Cook for me, Anna, please? :)

    1. If it meant living in Southern California and raising our kids together and my husband getting a killer job there, then I'd certainly consider it!! I just read your quiz about becoming a parent. It's awesome - well done!!