Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Potato Slices

For my birthday, ages ago, Y got me a bread maker. I was beyond thrilled! I was particularly excited to bake nice, healthy breads for K. It quickly became apparent, however, that bread just isn't his thing, homeboy likes his rice. Furthermore, the recipe book that came along with the maker was ok, but not great. While I loved the idea of a bread maker, it turned out that I didn't know how to get creative with it.

A few months back, while waiting to pick up a prescription, I stepped into a bookstore and found the most amazing bread maker cookbook. What luck!!

Since then, nearly every week I've baked up a batch of bread for Y to take to work as snacks. This weeks winner was...Sweet Potato Slices.

I made croissant dough and then went through the folding, refrigerating and rolling out process a number of times - by a number of times, I mean for the entire afternoon. Then I made up a sweet potato mash (that while delicious was extremely sweet) and added that before a final folding. After slicing the roll into thin slices, I topped with black sesame seeds and baked.

The result was pretty good. They are buttery, sweet and flaky. In the end, I vote that my afternoon of folding and rolling out was well spent.

I'm a bit bummed that it's a 5-day work week, yet I only made eight of the little guys. I need to ration out my final two for the week and it's only Monday. :(


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