Friday, April 4, 2014

Mug Bag

Y started working in a new office as of the New Year. He decided that instead of buying tea or coffee after he finished his travel mug of coffee, he should just take a mug to work and make some there. He didn't want the mug to get the inside of his bag dirty, so he asked if I could make him a bag to carry it. I was thinking about the best way to make one, when I remembered that I made a mug bag for K to take his toothbrush, toothpaste and rinsing mug to kindergarten. I tested that bag on a regular mug and it fit. Perfect!

I wasn't too worried about his bag getting dirty, I was more worried about the mug breaking. So, the first thing I did was sew batting to the lining fabric. I left an inch or so at the top with no batting to make the drawstring bit less bulky.

Since I didn't have enough of the main fabric to cut out one long rectangle, I cut two squares and sewed them together at the bottom to make a rectangle.

Then I sewed up the sides on both the lining and outside fabrics, leaving an inch or so at the top, on both sides, unsewn.

Next I squared off the corners on both the lining and outside fabric. They look like little ears - cute!

Then I sewed the top of the side seams down so that the bag won't fray from the drawstring.

Next I put the lining into the outside fabric, with the lining on the outside, wrong sides together. Although I don't think it's necessary, I was super paranoid about not getting the top bit done well, or even worse having it come apart, so I zig zagged the bags together at the top.

Then I folded the top down twice, and sewed it closed.

Finally, I turned the bag right side out, cut two ribbons of equal length and strung them through the top drawstring. The final step was to pop a mug in there and make sure it fit.

Then I took photos and sent them to Y since he was at work when I made it. He loved how it turned out. It was such a simple bag to make, but I think it's super cute! Yay for clean bags and unbroken mugs!

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