Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Y

Today my wonderful husband, Y, turns 34! Holy moly!! I could gush on and on about what an awesome husband and dad he is, but he knows that already. Instead I will write about his birthday cake.

Ages ago, I saw these strawberry cream-filled Oreos at the grocery store and have wanted to buy them ever since. But, I hate buying sweets because I also make sweets, which means I end up with TONS of sweets in the house and that is probably the last thing I need. If I use them for baking, however, I figure it's okay. Since Y loves cheesecake and I always use Oreos as my base in chocolate cheesecakes, the situation ended up being perfect - I get to buy my strawberry Oreos and Y gets his cheesecake.

I started by crushing up the Oreos. The cream is pink and looks so cute!

Then I mixed up the cream cheese cake batter.

Then my mixer's engine broke.

I had to mix in the eggs by hand. Bakers in the past must have had wicked muscles, because that was not easy.

But, it got done and I popped it in the oven. I knew that I wanted the top to be plain, so I was careful about rotating the cake and also baked it in a water bath. I think I ended up baking it for one hour and 25 minutes, but it might have been slightly longer.

It came out pretty perfect. I poked one hole in the middle to make sure it was done enough. I figured it wouldn't be an issue since I would put candles in it for Y. As it turns out, his birthday cake presentation was pretty lame. While his birthday was today, he leaves on a business trip tomorrow. I woke up, cut a piece of cake for him and put it in a tupperware, along with some whipped cream and strawberries, for him to take to work. No candles or Happy Birthday Song at 7 in the morning. I'll put another piece together for him for dessert, but then the rest is left over. Anyone need some??

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