Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Summer, Baby - Part 2

Yesterday I posted about the little romper I made for my friend's baby girl. I decided that since it had such little coverage, the precious little baby might need a matching sun hat. I had made a similar hat over a year ago, so I used the same pattern only I made a straight brim instead of a ruffled one. 

It is really simple to piece together. Sew three of the triangle pieces together to make half of the hat.

Then sew them together, making sure the very middle is all lined up. This seems way more challenging that it really is.

Do the same with the lining of the hat, and you are nearly done.

Sew the brims together.

Flip them right-side out.

Iron it all down, and your brim is finished.

Baste the brim to the outer layer of the hat. The pattern didn't call for straps, but I thought they might be helpful. I made two of them and then basted them to the hat at the same time as the brim.

Tuck the brim in and sew on the outside of the hat.

Flip it all out and then sew up your hole (it was left in one of the cap seams of the inner layer). Then you are done!

I think it is so stinking adorable by itself or paired with the romper. Eeek!!

Happy summer, baby!!

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