Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Summer, Baby - Part 1

It is no secret on this blog, that I find baby girl clothes adorable and such fun to make. Given that I don't have a baby girl (in a few days, maybe? Then again, maybe it will be a boy...), I am lucky in that I have friends that have daughters. Ages ago, I made up a bunch of little things to welcome one of my best friend's babies into the world. Now that summer is upon us, I decided another little outfit was in order. I came across this little romper from a blog I quite like and decided that would be the one! It's is so stinking cute - how could I pass it up!?

I started with a 6-9 month onesie, placed it on the cloth and started cutting.

The tutorial says to cut the leg holes so that the front one is more rounded than the back. It seemed to make sense given that this is how the original onesie was cut as well.

Then you finish the edges, I just used a zig-zag stitch to make sure nothing falls apart.

Sew the sides together and then fold under the legs to make a casing for the elastic to come later. Hehe, it looks like a huge pair of undies!

I thought the next step would be quite simple, and it was, but it took AGES!!! You have to smock the top. I used elastic string, which I had done before, but it ended up taking so super long since I had to sew maybe 9 or 10 lines and also move super slowly while doing it. Then I brought all the strings to the inside and tied them off. Man alive, this took way longer than I had anticipated and was way more finicky.

 But look - it's adorable and so worth it!!!

Next I added some little tie straps to the top, as per the tutorial.

And a little tag to show mylove. I really need to invest in garment labels.

The top was done and all that was left was to finish the bottom off.

I sewed up the leg casings and strung the elastic through sewing it down at each end of the leg. This was a bit difficult given that I have never actually met this baby, so I really don't know how big her legs are. I figured I would just eye-ball it and hope for the best. The final step was sewing on the snap tape. I'd never actually used this before, but it is awesome! There is really nothing to it.

Just sew it on and done - diaper changing made easy.

 I adore this little romper and hope the mini-recipient likes it too! That being said, it seems a bit chilly where she lives. Maybe Mommy could put a little onesie on under to cover up those tiny arms a bit.

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