Friday, August 23, 2013

It's a Boy!!

It's a boy!! I have been a tad bit absent from the blog recently, but with good reason - I am now responsible for two little boys' lives. Sh!t just got real. Little T was born just before noon on August 11.

It turns out that little T is not so little. He weighed 3682g when he was born (500g more than K) and was 50.1cm long. We had a lovely stay in the hospital, but after four days we were ready to head home.

K adores T. On our first night home, K decided to take it upon himself to teach T how to hold his legs up on his own. He kept picking up T's legs and letting go, T's legs would inevitably fall to the ground each time. K then exclaimed, "I have an idea," ran to his train track, and grabbed the bridge supports. He then, very carefully, balanced T's tiny ankles on them. It took all of my strength not to cry from either laughing so hard or seeing how much love K has for his little brother already. K's an awesome big brother.

Just like any baby, T's little face is changing so much each day. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite photo of the little guy so far.

His hair changes every day as well. Some days it sticks straight up, other days it is swept to the side, but my favorite style so far was his fauxhawk, which I unfortunately did not get a good photo of. This 'do is pretty stylish though, and you get the bonus of sleeping baby smiles.

K and T spend a few minutes each morning just staring at each other. Sometimes K insists on laying in bed next to T, other times a safe distance from the sofa to the floor is kept. I think this time might be one the best parts of my day.

We had T's 1-week (after discharge) check-up today and the dude is growing. He is up to 4110g and is 52.9cm. It might not seem like too much, but it is quite a jump. The doctor said that babies should gain about 30g per day, but my little munchkin is up 63g per day - yikes! He likes his milk...seems a tad bit unsure of the pacifier.

Now with two little guys to take care of, I am not sure how often I will be blogging. I would still like to keep up with my twice a week deal - one baking/food related post and one sewing/creative post - but I am just not sure it will happen every week. I do have a few posts saved up from before the little man's birth, but I am pretty beat since T has yet to work out days/nights and I can't just nap all day - K needs some love too! So, bear with me and be sure to keep checking back. I am still here, just not as often as I might like. 


  1. So adorable! I love the interaction between the two little guys!

    1. Thanks, Al!! I love the two of them together as well. K just adores T. It's so sweet. T doesn't seemed to thrilled with all the kisses, but I'm sure he'll come around at some point. ;)