Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Just over a week ago, one of my best, best, best friends in this whole world celebrated her 31st birthday. Lisa and I became friends between our first and second year of college, and since that summer she has always been so dear to my heart. Even though we live far away from one another now, she is someone that I still consider myself extremely close to. Although we don't get to see one another very often (as in years go by without seeing each other), we talk regularly and very occasionally FaceTime one another. She is one of my very favorite people on this planet and I miss her like crazy!

Anyway, I bought her a few small presents for her birthday, but also wanted to make her something. I thought and thought about what is the one thing that I have made that I use daily - my LeSportsac Rip-Off! I made it months ago, but still love it. It is getting more and more beat up by the day, but I guess it is a testament to how much it is used. Luckily, I had made a pattern for it and even thought to save the pattern!

I got all of the pieces cut out and since the inside is finished with bias tape, I started by sewing all of the parts together. I didn't think to sew the inside pocket to the lining prior to sewing the lining to the outside of the main fabric, duh. So I had to pick those apart, sew the pocket on, and sew those parts together again. Gaaa!

Once that was all ready, I marked the center of the bag to the center of the zipper bit and got to sewing. Once the bag was all sewed up, I finished it off with bias tape. As I have mentioned numerous times before, bias tape always makes me nervous. But, I got it done and I think it looked pretty cute in the end!

One of the fun things about making items for others is picking out the fabric. I fell in love with this outside fabric. I really like the lining as well, but in my mind, the outside, with all of the different patterns, steals the show. Come to think of it, it might just be that I like the designer given that I tend to use their fabrics a lot. Or maybe I just like the patchwork look without all of the patchwork work. Regardless, I love this little bag and hope you do, too, Lisa!

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