Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Maternity Jeans - With Pockets!

I'm now 21 (almost 22) weeks pregnant and my stomach just keeps getting bigger. I suppose that is what is meant to happen, but it still surprises me. A while back, I posted about some jeans that I cut up and made into maternity jeans. I like them a lot still, but they don't have front pockets anymore since I cut them out. I found a tutorial online about how to just replace the pocket fabric with jersey and then you have maternity jeans with pockets! Ingenious!!

I started out with my favorite pair of Uniqlo jeans.

As per the tutorial, I cut out the pocket part.

At first I cut out only the top half of the pocket, but I ended up cutting all the way down to give myself some more space.

Then I took a ribbed, jersey tank top and got cutting.

I used the back of it and cut out two long rectangles, leaving the front intact in case I want to use it for something else one day.

Then I folded each rectangle in half and top-stitched the fold.

Finally I lined the jersey up with the cut-out pocket bit and got sewing. And...

Voila! Five minutes later I had pants that fit again.

Here is a photo of the pants inside out so you can kind of get the idea of the pockets. I love these pants even more than the original maternity jeans I made. I like having pockets; although I hardly ever use them it is nice to know they are there. The only minor issue is that when I made these (and took the photos) a week or two ago, the jersey streched out quite quickly so I needed a belt to help hold them up. The bigger I get, the less necessary a belt is. I am pretty sure that had I used better quality jersey, the stretch would have rebounded more making these perfect from the start. 

As above, these photos were taken last week, I think. Look at my big belly! We went to the doctor yesterday and everything seems great. We saw the baby's heart - all four ventricles, fingers, lips, legs, and such. As we did when I was pregnant with K, we are not going to find out the sex of the baby until the little one pops out, so the nether regions were not a focus. I am feeling the baby moving about a lot now, which is always kind of fun. The only problem is that the doctor said I have gained a bit too much weight - almost 9 pounds total. I looked online at the American standards and for my starting weight and height I am still under the recommended weight gain, so I don't feel so bad. According to my doctor, I am meant to be careful with my eating from here on out. Wish me luck!

Finally, here is a photo so you can see the top of the jeans in action - they look just like real ones. Wahoo!!

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