Friday, February 8, 2013

The Circle Scarf

Recently K has been wanting to do everything he can by himself. This generally means that getting out the door takes about 10 more minutes than usual, but I'm just going along with it. He loves to do up his own buttons and usually gives a valiant effort at the zipper. He is close to getting his own hat on, and is an old pro at mittens and shoes. The one thing that seems the most frustrating to him is his scarf. It's like the one I made a few months back for my friend's baby - with a slit to insert the other end of the scarf through. I made it for K when he was a baby, but it still works, aside from the frustration of not being able to get it on or off. Something had to change.

I figured a neck warmer could solve the problem, so last night I got to work. First I measured the neck of a current shirt - 43cm - and decided the height I wanted it - 16cm seemed about right. I added 1cm seam allowances, plus an extra centimeter to the length.

I cut 46cm X 18cm rectangles out of three fabrics - a fleece, a sweater material, and a jersey to help stabilize the sweater.

I figured sewing it would be simple, but first I had to work out how to use my new sewing machine. Y gave it to me for Christmas and this is my first time sewing since then - crazy, right?!? Once I worked out how to use it, I realized it is AWESOME! I love it!!

Anyway, back to the scarf...I started by zig-zagging the sweater and jersey together.

Then I sewed the sweater to the fleece right sides facing along the long sides only.

Then I stuck my arm through the tube and pulled the end through until it matched up with the other end. Being careful to match up the seams, I sewed the ends together in a circle, leaving some space to turn it right-side out.

Then I flipped it and sewed up the hole.

Finally I topstitched the top and bottom.

When K woke up I showed him his new scarf. He immediately called it his "circle scarf." Seems he likes it - he can almost get it on and off by himself. I give him a few days before it's like the shoes and mittens.

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