Monday, February 25, 2013

Morning Glory

I've mentioned before, in numerous posts, that I teach English to three little girls. During the lessons they earn points and then can buy different things with their points. At 200, they can ask me to make them something out of felt. My youngest girl, who in the past has asked for Totoro and a pink hamster, requested a morning glory.

I've done roses and flowers with petals in the past, but how was I going to do a morning glory with seemingly one huge petal?!?

I looked online for photos of morning glories and liked this one.

I started with a lavender circle and then started cutting away at it. I made five notches for the petals (?) and then made divots between each of the notches.

Then I cut five little magenta triangles and sewed them from the center pointing out towards each divot (yet again, I worked on this while on the train).

Then I sewed on the middle white circle.

Next I embroidered the white lines that seemed to mark each petal. It took ages to sew all of those little lines by hand.

It didn't particularly look like the morning glory from the original picture, but I figured it was good enough. I did, however, want it to ruffle out a little, so I sewed up the very middle of the white circle a bit. I knew it wouldn't get super ruffled because I still had to sew on the back and then stuff it.

Once I did that, the indentation in the middle puffed out a bit. Bummer. Luckily, the white lines helped to keep the petals somewhat intact giving it a tiny ruffle.

I was meant to teach the little girl today, so I rushed and got this finished yesterday, but K got a bit of a cold, so I ended up canceling. Hopefully he gets better soon!!

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