Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Look, Ma! No Hands

If K had to decide between never being held and never using his own legs, I'm pretty sure he'd pick being held. This is all fine and good, but I'm worried that it is going to get a tad tiresome holding him for three days at Fuji Rock.

We have two different wraps, and they both work great under certain circumstances. One is simply a super long length of cloth and I used it roughly every day for the first year of K's life. It was amazing. Our favorite hold was either tummy to tummy or on the side. Now that he's heavy, however, the knot you have to tie digs into your back and gets pretty uncomfortable really quickly.

The other wrap has a pocket for K's body and four straps to tie around your body. This is great for when I am at home and need to run out and take him someplace. I don't like to tie it outside because the straps are so long, they drag on the ground and get quite dirty. Not great for a muddy outdoor festival.

I took a look online and found a tutorial for a sling that has no knot and is meant for a side hold. Perfect!!

I wanted this to be reversible, because reversible things for babies are always nice. Picking out the fabrics was such fun. I settled on a bright pink train pattern and a plain tan linen.

I love the way these fabrics look together! Making the sling was really easy, measuring and cutting seemed the most difficult part.

The final bit to sew is a French seam, which has always kind of intimidated me. Turns out it is so super simple! All you do is sew your seam, trim the ends,

flip the fabric inside out, sew again,

and then sew the new seam that sticks out down to the fabric.

Reading that, it sounds fairly complicated, but I assure you it's not. The tutorial gives a simple explanation with much clearer photos than mine.

K loves this sling and I find it quite comfortable as well. Another huge bonus is that it folds up to be quite tiny. This is great news as bag space is always limited.

I'm looking forward to using it, but also looking forward to passing the little guy to Y. No matter how you do it, at this point, K weighs a fair amount after a while.

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