Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nutella + Peanut Butter + Banana = Genius

On Monday, Y had to endure a bit of an invasive medical procedure. I felt bad for him, so I thought it'd be nice to make him a treat for when he got home. We had some over-ripe bananas on the counter and as you may recall, my husband digs banana bread.

As I have done in the past, I took my go-to recipe, ransacked the cupboards and doctored that bad boy up. (As a note, I left out the macadamia nuts and cinnamon from the original recipe.)

I have been known to slather peanut butter and nutella on a slice of bread and the top it with banana slices, so why not just bake those things into a bread?!? Genius!!! It was delicious.

As usual, I made two mini loaves. We didn't have much nutella left, so one of the loaves got chocolate chunks (and no peanut butter) instead. That poor loaf. It was good, but didn't hold a candle to the nutella and peanut butter one.

I wanted to add the peanut butter in at the beginning so it would get all the way mixed in. Because of this, I made two separate bowls instead of just splitting it at the end and adding a few things. It was surprisingly easy to split the recipe, so that was good news.

For the chocolate chunk one, I simply broke up a chocolate bar and stirred it in at the end.

For the other, I added about 50 grams of peanut butter to the butter/sugar mixing bit. Then once everything else was mixed in, I stirred in a few tablespoons of nutella. I wanted a bit more of a swirl effect, but I mixed too much (I ALWAYS do that!!), so it was more blended in most slices. I also put a few dollops on top and swirled them in with a knife, but my nutella wasn't quite soft enough, so it too, didn't swirl as I'd hoped - next time (there will most definitely be a next time)!!

I baked as instructed, but for slightly less time. The chocolate chunk one baked much more quickly than the peanut butter/nutella one, so keep an eye out for that.

I'm pretty sure this has been my favorite banana bread experiment yet. Y liked them as well!! And everything at the doctor ended with a thumbs up - yay!!

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