Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cheesecake Class

Two of the moms in my neighborhood almost always comment on my baked goods. For ages, one of the moms has been asking me to teach her how to bake something. I kept asking what she wants to learn, but the response was always, "anything my boys will like." That's a whole heap of pressure.

Finally when I made the first cheesecake, she mailed and said that's what she wants to learn! Another friend said she wants to learn too and voila! Anna's Baking School had it's first customers. (Just as a note, the very idea of me teaching people how to bake gives me the giggles.)

While they were over this morning, many more giggles were shared.

Booze was shared too!!

On Sunday night I baked one cheesecake, but left the top plain. When my students (ha ha!!) came over the first thing we did was bake a new cheesecake.

While that was baking, we busted out the original cake, cut up fruits and decorated the top. It was totally like on television when they pop something in the oven, go to a commercial break, and when they come back, the cake is already done, cooled, and ready to be decorated.

Once that cake was covered in fruits and glaze, we made a caramel sauce because I love caramel, it's so easy and delicious, and why not drizzle some on the cake that is baking once it's ready to eat.

I got the caramel to a perfect drizzling consistency this time around!! Wahoooo!!!

Both of these moms have older sons. One has two boys - one is fourth grade and one in first, I think - and the other has one in fifth grade. I've gotten texts from both of them that the cake got the stamp of approval from the boys. Success!

To be honest, I was a little worried as Japanese cheesecake is usually not as rich as this one. I was totally hoping it wouldn't be too much. It wasn't! In fact the brothers asked for more, but my friend turned them down. C'mon Maiko!!! Give the boys another slice ;)

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