Monday, March 5, 2012

Travel Clutch Part Two

A few weeks ago, I made this clutch for our upcoming plane ride to America. After seeing it on here, one of my good friends, who is moving back to the UK soon, mentioned she would like one as well.

While at the fabric store, I asked what she wants it to look like -- mine was quite girly.

She requested something a bit more "metrosexual."

For Christmas, I made her son a bag almost exactly like this one (only the strap is brown and cream striped), which I'd made for K ages ago.

We decided that using the same fabric for the clutch would be quite nice. I picked the elephants and dots, hoping they were metrosexual enough.

The only major difference I added to the new clutch is a line down the front where the button is. I thought it'd be a useful spot for a pen/pencil. The line looks a bit pink, but it's actually the same neon green as the rest. I just drew a chalk like to guide my stitching and haven't cleaned it all off yet.

The inside is the same as mine - heaps of pockets for all those small bits!!

I can't wait to get it to her!!! But that means her leaving is getting closer - so it's actually quite sad. Booo...

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