Friday, March 2, 2012

Double-Sided Puzzle

I recently came across this article that preaches the benefits of puzzles for toddlers. Ages ago we bought K a little knob puzzle and he has always liked it.

As we get closer to boarding the plane for our long haul flight, my mind keep thinking of small, lightweight toys that I can pack into the diaper bag to keep K entertained for 12 hours.

At the end of the above article, there are examples of 20 puzzles - some are store-bought and some are handmade. There was one with fabric on blocks that was great, but there's no way I'm bringing a stack of blocks with me.

My lightweight version is a double-sided puzzle that was ridiculously easy to make.

The full puzzle is 30 x 16cm, but is easily made smaller since the vertical cuts are all parallel.

To make it all I did was sandwich iron on, quilting-weight interfacing between two patterned fabrics, cut it into strips, then smaller rectangles and finally zigzag stitched around all of the edges.

I made a little pouch to carry it in that has two pockets. The puzzle can be stored in halves to make it a tad less daunting.

The puzzle has a lot of pieces and I fear it will prove to be difficult for K, but I figure it's worth a shot.

I just used fabrics I had on hand, but I think it could be really cool to use fabric with a large animal, train, or car print and focus each puzzle on just one picture. Like a regular puzzle, you know?? I think I'll keep an eye out next time we head to the fabric store.

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