Monday, March 12, 2012

Chocolate Almond Bread

With all of the excitement/preparation yesterday surrounding our upcoming trip, I totally spaced on making bread for Y for the week. Whoops!

It was freezing here today and I really didn't want to leave the house with K. Instead I decided I'd whip up the bread using whatever we had in the house. I found sone sliced almonds and a chocolate bar - Chocolate Almond Bread was born! For the base of the bread, I chose a recipe that sounded it'd be quite rich. The liquid was milk, instead of the usual water.

The bread is delicious! It's soft, sweet and creamy with both chocolate chunks and almond slivers.

We leave Japan tomorrow evening, but I'll have one more post before the flight. After that, the next post will be written from my parents' house! I hope to keep up with the baking and making stuff while I'm there, so keep checking back ;)

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