Tuesday, March 18, 2014

File Holders

K's first day of school

Today was K's very last day of kindergarten in Japan (most likely, at least). It was such a bittersweet morning for us as we woke up early, got every one dressed and hopped on the train to his kindergarten. There we watched the kids sing songs and play instruments, and listened to many speeches. Then we separated into classes and K's teacher had a little ceremony for the class. It was so sweet. She called his friends up by their new classes, but Kan joined the kids who won't be attending the school next year. It was quite sad. Throughout the year, we had our troubles about leaving me to go to kindergarten, but every time he came home with the biggest smile on his face and told me how much he loved school and his teacher. He made so many friends and learned so much Japanese this year. I loved watching him march with his class and sing along to all of the songs. He's gotten so big. I'm so proud of my little guy.

Today, K's last day of school

Anyway, I feel that K's teachers really have gone above and beyond what I expected them to do. He fell in love with all four of them and I did too. They are all so wonderful. While it isn't customary in Japan, K wanted to give them a present; so I thought about what might be nice. In Japan, we have these clear plastic files that every one uses to hold papers. I don't know why exactly, but they are so super convenient and I use them constantly. I imagine that teachers use them even more than me, so I thought making a cute little file holder for each of them would be kind of fun.

I started with the tab that goes at the top. I used the same fabric that I planned on using for the lining. You can't tell, but I put some batting into the tab (and the holder as well), so they were nice and squishy.

Once those were ready, I made the buttons with the same fabric that I planned on using for the outside of the holder.

Once the buttons were made, I sewed and cut in the button holes.

Then I got to work on the outside of the holders. I wanted them to all be different, but with the same fabrics. I looked through my stash and found these that I thought would all be cute together. I used two fabrics for each one and made a little curvy design on the front.

That part took a good amount of time, but once it was done the rest was simple. I just sewed the batting and lining fabric on, flipped them right-side out and then closed up the hole. Then I blind stitched the bottom and about 10 cm up the side so that the files won't fall out.

I slipped a file in the holder so they would know what the gift actually was. I love how these turned out and kind of want one for myself, although I have no idea why I would actually need one. Maybe one day when I am all caught up on projects that I want to do, I'll get around to making a new one for me!


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