Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby Tunic and Leggings

One of my neighborhood friends had a baby girl about three months after T was born. The baby girl was still in her mama's tummy at our Halloween party, but at the party, we talked about T's costume and the fact that he will never wear those black leggings again.

I asked her if maybe she would like them for her baby girl when the time comes. She was all for it. The time came, but it seemed weird to give her just an old pair of black leggings, so I decided that I would just make a little outfit of it.

Using the same peasant dress pattern that I have used before, I made this little one. I changed it slightly to add long sleeves since it would be Spring when the little girl would likely fit into the leggings. I intended to still keep the sleeves a tad poofy and close them around the wrist with elastic, but I had a little mishap and had to rethink the situation. I pared down the sleeve and now it is just a regular old sleeve. I also made the length a little shorter since I wanted it more of a tunic than a dress. I didn't know how long to make the tunic, since I don't have one just sitting about, so I used one of T's onesies to kind of guess the length. Hopefully it's not too short!

The dress is so simple to do up. Cut out the pieces, sew on the sleeves to the front.

Then sew them to the back piece. Do up the hems and add elastic to the neck. Done! (Note that this photo is pre-neck elastic.)

Next up were the leggings. I figured I could just leave them black, but why not add something cute!? I was considering ruffling the bum with the same fabric, but decided against it. I settled, instead, on little bows. They were super simple to make.

Then using T's old leggings, I just sewed them to the lower, outside seams. Another friend and I went over to meet the little one a few weeks back and she is just adorable. Hopefully this little outfit fits her soon - Spring is on the way! Hopefully!!


  1. Lovely! You make sewing seem so easy. I'm hopeless!!

    1. Thanks, Naheen!! Once you get the hang of it, sewing is really easy. I promise!!