Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bearded Babies

It's Christmas Eve here and K is spazzing out! He is so super excited and keeps asking if I think Santa will come to bring him a present. "Mama, do you think I am on the nice list?" "I think so, K. You're a pretty good little guy." We have gone through those two lines roughly 1,372 times today. Back to the matter at hand - babies in beards! Ha!! I don't know why, exactly, but the bearded hats have cracked me up since I first saw them a year or two ago. I thought they would be the perfect winter accessory for my little ones and also for a good friend's baby. Last night we had some very close friends over for Christmas dinner, including the other recipient of the bearded hat, so I had to whip these up really quickly last week.

I used this pattern for both the beards and the hats. I started by making a green and blue hat in an baby size for T. The same night, I did a grey and green toddler one for K.

It turned out that the baby size was way too tiny for T and the toddler way too tiny for K. Luckily, the toddler fit T perfectly!

The next night, I did a child-sized blue and grey one for T and it fits him just right.

Finally, I made a second green and blue one in the toddler size, but with a slightly bigger hook and it ended up right in the middle of K and T's.

They look so clue all lined up!

The next step was to get the beards done. I did one extra small, for T, and two smalls, for K and our friend.

The pattern has you sewing the beard to the hat, but that seemed like a bad idea to me. I figured that all three boys would probably hate the beard, which would render the hat useless. Instead, I sewed two buttons to the inside of the hat and the beard can just loop through the buttons so it can be easily taken off. I sewed the buttons on really simply as well, so if it seems that the beard is never going to happen, I can always just take the buttons off.

Hahahaha! They look so goofy!

K LOVED his hat. In fact, the morning after I had finished it, he insisted on wearing it to kindergarten so he could show his teacher. A few weeks ago, we bought him the cutest beanie from Gap, but he won't wear that one anymore - it's only this blue one for now. I am so pleased he likes it, I just wish I would have made it a month ago so we never would have bought the Gap one. When we attached the beard, Y and I both cracked up. It seemed K got the humor in it, so he is happy to put it on for photos, but won't wear it outside. I'm not sure if he won't wear the beard because he knows it's funny and is a bit shy or if it is just uncomfortable.

T doesn't seem to mind the hat, but he isn't super stoked on the beard either.

I gave the hat to our little friend last night and all of the adults got a good laugh about it. The little guy, however, HATED it! He's just worked out how to take off hats and couldn't get it off soon enough. I tried to get a few photos, but this is as good as we got...

I could look at these photos all day. The whole scene was hilarious. K was so super excited about presents that he was being a complete monkey holding T. He was shaking him and shrieking with excitement, scaring the bejesuses out of T. The friend's mom was trying to shove the hat on, only to have the little guy (who is wearing a vest and bow tie, by the way) rip it off as soon as he possibly could.

I know I should feel kind of bad that my kid is freaking out, but really, I just think this photo is hilarious.

Merry Christmas!

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