Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent Calendar - Part 3 (The Final Product)

Ugh. We have had quite a rough few weeks around here. K caught some gnarly virus and had a crazy high fever for four days, and then he got all better. The next day, my throat started hurting and by the following day, I had a fever of 103. And it stayed like that for the next five days. T ended up getting a fever as well, but only for one day. I took him to the doctor the next day and he tested positive for the virus as well. Luckily, his never got bad. The doctor told me to keep a super close eye on him, but he stayed pretty healthy throughout it. Thank goodness. As a result of the plague, which is now gone, I did very little over the past two weeks. The one thing I was sure to stay on top of was the Advent Calendar. Over the weekend, I finally finished the entire thing! Wahoo!!!

The remaining ornaments that I made were two old-fashioned lights, a Santa hat and some holly.

The berries on the holly are super tiny, so I sewed them to a larger green piece of felt first and then cut that out and sewed it and the two holly leaves together.

Next up were a bell and candle.

Then a wreath and a dove with an olive branch. I thought it would be cute to sew randomly through the wreath so it would look like ribbon. It didn't quite end up looking the way I had anticipated, but oh well.

Finally were Santa, Rudolph and an elf. Rudolph is a hot mess, but I wasn't interested in fixing it. I figure this thing is going to be around for a while. I have so much other stuff I need to do before Christmas, so making a new Rudolph (or possibly switching him out for something else) can wait until after Christmas this year. Also, K immediately knew what it was, and that's the important bit.

For these three, I cut out a flesh (or brown) colored square and then drew the face on to the square. Then I cut out the details and sewed them to the square. I did the final outline and then cut out around it all. This was way easier than trying to navigate around a tiny piece of felt. I kind of wish I would have thought about that earlier.

Here they are pre-face, post-cutting.

And the backs of them.

There are four presents: one for K, one for T, one for Y and one for me!

Last up is the star.

Here is the tree as of this morning. K is so super cute about it and adores putting up a new ornament every morning. He rearranges them every day to make sure they are as asthetically pleasing as possible (to him). Basically, he thinks this tree is the best thing ever. I love him. 
Here's a close-up of the tree with ornaments and presents. Looking at it makes me so super excited for Christmas!!!

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