Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gateau au Chocolat

I have a bit of unfortunate news. I updated the app that I use to write my blog posts over the weekend and it no longer works. It seems I'll have to update my phone, but I really don't want to do that since I don't want to lose GoogleMaps. What a conundrum. I'm writing on a new app tonight, but it seems it may not let me put my photos where I want? I'm not really sure, but please just be patient with me until I work this out.

Edited: It put all the photos in a random order at the bottom of the post. Booo!!! I`m fixing it on the computer now. Does anyone have an app recommendation? I used to use BlogPress.

Ages back, I taught a cheesecake class (apparently I can't set links either...gaaaa!!! ahhh, but the computer can.) and my same students have requested that I teach them to make Gateau au Chocolat for round two. That's great, except for the fact that I've never made one before.

I mailed my French/Swiss/Italian friend who gave me links to a bunch of recipes (in French), but alas he's never made one either, so it was a bit hit or miss. I eventually found a recipe that seemed doable and not crazy expensive, so I settled on that one.

It was quite simple - mix the dry ingredients, add in the sugar, mix the wet ingredients and add to the dry.

Then just bake. It seemed fine while baking, but as it cooled, the middle just sank and sank. I HATE when that happens. It's so disheartening.

Once I cut a few slices, covered them in powdered sugar, added a bit of whipped cream and a chocolate covered macadamia nut, however, it started to look much better.

As with many cakes, the taste was heaps better than the looks. It was moist and dense and the perfect amount of sweetness.

That being said, I might still try one more Gateau au Chocolat recipe before settling on this one. This teacher has a lot of thinking to do yet!

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