Monday, August 27, 2012

Simple Frozen Yogurt Pops

It is still way too hot around these parts to be baking unnecessarily. I've been craving something sweet, however, so I needed to make something. Enter frozen yogurt pops.

Ages ago, I saw popsicles with fruits and thought they were the cutest. I took my chances with strawberry banana ones. These were so easy, I kind of feel I shouldn't even post about them, but given how cute they turned out, I can't resist.

I started out with a 250g container of strawberry yogurt and two (old) bananas (even though only one is pictured). I also used a popsicle mold that holds four little guys, although I think you could use paper cups with popsicle sticks or maybe even cupcake liners.

Slice one banana into 12 thin slices. If you have a big banana, you may have some left over, not to worry, it will be used.

Put the yogurt, one full banana and any leftovers from the sliced banana into a mixer and mix until smooth.

Stick three banana slices onto the wall of each popsicle mold. I wasn't sure if they'd actually stay put, but surprisingly enough, it worked!

Carefully pour the yogurt mixture evenly into the mold. This amount of yogurt fit my mold perfectly. Lucky!! If you have leftover, you could always freeze it into cupcake liners and have minis to snack on or more likely, just eat it.

Put the caps on, then pop them in the freezer and in a few hours you will have adorable, delicious frozen yogurt pops!

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