Friday, August 10, 2012

Lemon Mint Ice Cream

K and I have been in the US for exactly one week now and it has been glorious! We have been enjoying the warm weather, the delicious foods, and more than anything else - our family. K has fallen in love with my parents and cousin, as well as my brother and his wife (as of yesterday). I haven't been sewing or baking much, just enjoying my family.

My mom had a magazine from the farmer's market that has recipes, recommended area restaurants, breweries and wineries, and information about organic foods and where to get them around these parts. One of the recipes my mom had talked about trying since I arrived was a lemon and mint ice cream. I don't know why, but every time I imagined it, it was more of a sorbet. It sounded quite nice, but also a tad on the normal side. When I finally looked at the recipe and realized it was ICE CREAM, I was super into it!!

We started out with our lemons and mint. Then chopped the mint with some sugar, grated the lemon peel and then juiced the lemons. The kitchen smelled amazing - a lovely start.

From there, we added the rind and mint to sugar, whipping cream and milk, gave it a stir, and then refrigerated that mixture and the lemon juice for 3 hours.

I was super excited, but decided to take a nap. When I woke, my mom had already put the mixture into the creamer and it did its thing. What a lovely way to wake up from a nap!

We had a small bowl of it, and it was really nice. Refreshing and kind of light, but hardly sweet at all. I don't know, but it turns out I like my ice cream to be sweet. My mom had some simple syrup in the fridge (as you do). We added that to the mix and it turned from nice to DELICIOUS! My mom said that the next time she makes it, she will probably add more sugar to the initial mixture. I kind of liked the syrup addition and think I'd do it the same next time around.

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