Friday, July 12, 2013

Bento Friday - Special Edition: Y's Jealous

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, K's school schedule is full of half-days until summer holidays, which means no bentos. I have, however, been keeping up with Y's bentos for the main reason that a bento is an excellent way to get rid of one portion of leftovers. Actually, I have been making about two bentos a week for him, but I haven't been taking photos - they are boring. What's the point of posting boring bentos?

This morning as I was making Y's bento, I realized that it was quite full. I showed it to him and said that he would probably have to eat some of the little bits (cherry tomatoes, fried chicken, Japanese omelet, sugar snap peas, green peppers or carrots) before he would be able to dig out one of the onigiri. He responded by saying, "Okay, but I am a little sad." "Why?!?" "Because my bento doesn't have a Shinkansen." Hehe, is it possible that Y is jealous of K's bentos? Could be possibly want a cute bento himself, just like the good old days?!

As the bento was already made, there was little I could do to cute-ify it. :( I did, however, rustle up some little picks and stuck them in the tomatoes. One got a tiny train.

The other a little lion face.

While the idea of Y rocking up to lunch at work with a Shinkansen bento gives me the giggles, part of me wants to do it. The other part of me thinks about how long it takes to make them for K and I think it just might not be worth it. Although now would be the time to do it since I don't have to make K's right now. Only time will tell. I'll keep you all in the loop!

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