Friday, March 8, 2013

Chocolate CHIP Cookies

Yesterday K woke up from his nap and immediately asked for cookies. It was a tad strange given that he never asks for cookies, especially just after waking up. He must have been dreaming of them! I told him that we didn't have any cookies. His response? "Let's make some, mama." I LOVE that he wants to bake and realizes that we can make cookies that are just as tasty as any cookie we could buy at the store. I looked through our cabinets and found that we had all of the ingredients (sans bread flour - which I am pretty sure I've never had in this house) for Alton Brown's "The Chewy".

I have mentioned a few times on this blog that very rarely can I find actual chocolate chips in this country and when I do, they are always exorbitantly priced. I always settle for chopped up chocolate bars. Not today, my loves, not today. While I was piping out the faces on the bear macarons, I realized that I could just make my own chocolate chips by melting and then piping out little dots. I started by breaking up four chocolate bars, adding a bit of shortening, and melting it on low heat.

Once it got almost melted, but with a few chunks still thrown in there, I stirred until everything was smooth. As you likely know, if you heat the chocolate until it is smooth, it overheats and then turns all gross - don't do that.

Once melted, I put it into a piping bag with the smallest tip I own and piped out what seemed to be a million tiny dots of chocolate. I did not anticipate this taking as long as it did. While I love the chips, I'm not sure how many times I will make them in the future. Anyway, I popped them in the refrigerator to cool for a few minutes while we mixed up the dough.

The dough, while not difficult at all, did dirty a number of bowls - one for butter and sugars, one for liquids and one for the dry ingredients. More dishes to wash always bums me out a bit, but these cookies were really good, so I'll excuse it.

You add the liquids to the butter and sugar and give it a mix.

Then you add in the flour and it starts to resemble cookie dough.

This is what my little chocolate chips looked like before adding them to the cookies. Not the same shape as your standard Toll House, but they were little circles! And so super cute.

Finally you stir in the chocolate chips.

A few of mine started to melt, you can kind of see swirls of chocolate in the dough, but just as well.

K and I didn't get around to actually making the cookies until just before dinner. I promised him one for dessert, if he ate a nice dinner. While the dough is meant to sit for one hour in the fridge, I made three small cookies - one for K, one for me and one for Y - before chilling.

Unsurprisingly, K ate a big dinner and was so excited to eat his cookie.

Y hadn't finished his dinner yet, as he had just gotten home, and K begged and begged for Y's cookie. I told him he could have some more tomorrow. He woke up this morning and immediately asked for a cookie. Dear me.

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