Monday, March 18, 2013

Im in Pain!!!

For about the past week, I have been feeling like I need to crack my upper back, something that it seems you aren't meant to do while pregnant, at least not by your husband. It has been more annoying than anything else, but as of this morning it has turned to pain. I think it has to do with the way I am supposed to sleep - on my side, rather than on my preferred positions either my back or stomach. I can hardly turn my neck. It's a huge bummer.

We have these heating/cooling sticky pad things, so while eating lunch I had Y read the label and it says if you are pregnant you are meant to ask your doctor before using. I was at a bit of a loss, until I remembered that some people use hot rice pouches for things like this. I have fabric and rice, I could totally do this!

After I quickly finished my lunch and while K was still eating, Y told me to get cracking on it so I could have it by K's nap time. I started by cutting out two long rectangles - one in a corduroy, the other in a fabric that I just happen to like. Let me state here, that I was trying to get this done in lightening speed so there was no line drawing, just eye-ball cutting.

I sewed three of the edges together - the two long ones and one short one, flipped the bag right side out and then topstitched a little on the short side. Then I filled the bag about halfway with rice.

Finally I tucked in the open ends and sewed the bag shut. I heated it up in the microwave as K was finishing his lunch, wrapped it over my shoulders and put the little one down for his nap. It felt really nice, but quite obviously all of the rice fell to the ends.

As soon as K was asleep I measured the halfway distance between the ends and tried as best as I could to get the rice even on either end and sewed a line down the middle. This helped tremendously. It was a bit finicky, however. If I were to make another one, I would probably fill the bag 1/4 of the way up, sew a line at the halfway mark and then fill the top half with the same about of rice and sew it up - that would have been way easier. Now the bag works really well and I feel like I can turn my head a bit more than I could this morning. Success!

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