Thursday, January 31, 2013

Birthday Cake Slice - Part 3 (Roll Cake Version)

On Tuesday, I posted about one of the two felt birthday cake slices I have recently made. As I mentioned before, the original cake was for a student with a younger sister. The younger sister turned 7 last week, so I had to get crackin' on a piece of cake for her. The problem was that I couldn't be bothered trying to work out how big the original was. I also didn't want to start a fight between the sisters if one piece was bigger than the other. (That being said, both girls are lovely and I can't imagine them fighting, but you never know.)

So I worked up a new cake idea - a slice of "roll cake." Roll cake is immensely popular here, so I figured it would be fine.

I started with the two main circular pieces, with a bit of a straight edge on one part so the cake could actually stand. Then I cut a strip for the bottom, and one to run across the top and sides of the circles.

I didn't have enough for the long strip, so I had to Frankenstein it a bit.

And finally a spiral of "cream" for each end.

Once all the pieces were ready for assembly, I started with the cream spirals. Once attached, I moved on to the sides and finally the bottom.

It looked cute, but it was lacking something. So I whipped up a few fruits - a kiwi slice, a strawberry, and a slice of mandarin orange - as well as a little cookie for the top.

It was all really simple to do. For the kiwi, I cut two green circle-ish pieces, as well as one tiny white oblong shape for the center. I sewed the center to one green circle and then sewed tiny black seeds around. Then I sewed the two green circles together, added a bit of stuffing and done.

For the strawberry, I started with a red semi-circle and sewed seeds on, all pointing towards the center on the straight edge.

Then I sewed up the sides.

Finally sewed around the top, added a bit of stuffing, and cinched it up.

The mandarin was the easiest. Cut two orange mandarin-slice shapes, sew a few orange lines on one side, sew the two together and stuff a bit.

For the cookie, I cut a rectangle, rolled it up, and wrapped a thread around it, tying really tight knots at either end.

Then I sewed all of those to the top of the cake and was ready for the candle. I just used Velcro and hot glue to deal with this, as per usual.

Finally the cake was done. I think it turned out really cute. In fact, I think it's happier than the original cake slice. My 7-year old loved it too!!

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